Review the luxury Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi” Ref. 126710 BLRO Replica Watch

Une replique de montres Rolex has attracted much attention by re-issuing the blue and red GMT-Master II steel watch. In the past 60 years, although the design has not changed much, the watch has become a classic, with a timeless appearance, not just retro. The Jubilee bracelet is very suitable for watches. The first GMT-Master in 1955 had red and blue scales for 24-hour display and was nicknamed « Pepsi ». The brand new Pepsi GMT-Master II replica watch reproduces the classics in its original form.

  •   GMT-Master II “Pepsi” Ref. 126710 BLRO Replica Watch

In terms of function, luxury GMT-Master II « Pepsi » replica watch provides more functions-from the bracelet to the time zone adjustment function, plus the highest accuracy, legibility and wearing comfort. The transparent bottom cover will be a welcome addition.

GMT-Master II « Pepsi » replica watch uses colors to distinguish between day and night in the second time zone. In addition to having the halo of a pilot’s watch, the high recognition of the colored bezel also contributes to the popularity of GMT-Master. The anniversary bracelet is very comfortable to wear. The tiny chain links are close to the wrist without pulling fine hair. With its curved links, the Oyster bracelet is soft and comfortable. The strap and case are made of salt water resistant 904L stainless steel.

The winding crown is also easy to use. It must be unscrewed to tighten the watch. In the first pulled-out position, the main hour hand can move forward or backward in hours to set the second time zone. The date will be advanced accordingly in either direction. In the second position, the minute hand can be adjusted, as well as the 24 hour and main hour hand. GMT-Master II cheap replica watch is famous for this feature of travelers.

With best GMT-Master II replica watch, it is also possible to temporarily adjust the bezel (ratchet wheel in hours) to show another time zone-for example, if you are in the United States and work with a German company. Rotate the bezel to make the GMT pointer display the time in the desired time zone, allowing you to immediately check whether your business partner is available. All in all, GMT-Master II provides a very useful time zone function.